Dana Tartau

P r o f i l e

Actress and model with International experience

Sophisticated and well informed

Classically educated

Speaks English, French, Spanish and Romanian

Degree in International Relations and European Studies

C r e d i t s

Film/TV Highlights

Played Mrs. Preen in “A Toss of the Dice”, directed by Darryl Shaw

Acted in the stage play “ The F Word”, raising funds for various womans groups

Played Trish in “B.A.D. Movers”, directed by Jori Lyons

Played Lucy, in "Greater Than", directed by Darryl Shaw

Played Anita, in “Wrong Identity”, directed by Director X

Played Dr. Beth in “A New Design”, directed by Ryan M. Andrews

International Movie Database

Acting Resume



Modelling Highlights


Team leader (2013) - The International Lingerie Team, Tophat Lingerie, Europe

Sentaler Luxury Coats, modeled on The Morning Show

Rachel Sin Designs, Toronto, Canada

Vistek, Toronto, Canada

Phase One, Toronto, Canada

Vivid Magazine, a series, Bucharest, Romania

Model Mayhem Portfolio


T e s t i m o n i a l s


"Dana is the kind of actress you want to keep bringing back. She's professional, committed to her work, easy to direct and photogenic as hell."

- Jonathan Robbins, Director, CLUTCH Series


"Dana is incredibly passionate, dedicated, disciplined, intelligent, is gifted with rare talent and natural charisma. She is effortless to direct, eager to capture each moment vividly, and brings genuine emotion to each role. Her no-nonsense work ethic is perfectly balanced with a light-hearted nature that makes shooting with her extremely productive and fun for everyone around her”                                           

- Darryl Shaw, Director/Producer, God-in-the-Grass Productions


"I watched the playback a few times and your performance was incredible. Awesome job, Dana. Again, you are terrific; I'm in awe of your performance"
- Rick Gomes, Producer


V i d e o L i n k s


"Here for the Weekend" – Film Scene

 “Loneliness” – Music Video

The Werehonkey” – Comedy Skit



Contact: danatartau@hotmail.com







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